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First Author: PuyaDehgani-Mobaraki, 

Journal/preprint name: medrxiv 

Tags: Antibody trends over time  


This study investigated the antibody response and duration of COVID-19 patients over a three-month period. Patients were invited for serological tests spaced at least 2 weeks apart and the authors used ELISA and CLIA to determine antibody levels. 

Research Highlights 

  1.  The mean duration of viral shedding: 20.13 ± 6.17 days (median of 21 days) 

  1.  Comorbidities present included hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and asthma 

  1. Most common symptoms were fever, altered sense of smell and taste, muscle pain and sore throat 

  1. Antibody trends were similar at both time points 


  • Study TypeCohort Study 

  • Key Techniques: ELISA and CLIA 


  • Small sample size of only 30 patients 

  • Only one follow up time 

  • Follow up time was not consistent between patients 

  • A mean value of 53 days, does not equate to a follow up of three months 

  • Results are very different between methods 

  • Did not investigate the relationship between antibody titre and neutralizing activity