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First Author:  Felipe Perez-Garcia 

Journal/preprint name: medRxiv 

Paper DOI10.1101/2020.09.08.20190488 

Tags: immunoassays, serum, ELISA, LFA, CLIA. 


  • In this study Perez-Garcia et al evaluates for first time six different commercial immunoassay (Alltest, One Step, SeroflashDia.Pro, COV2T, Elecsys). Demonstrating how reliable they are for COVID-19 diagnosis.  

  • Although this study doesn’t show any new data, as it’s a comparison it gives an idea of how sensitivity and specific these immunoassays are and which of those is the best option to consider for COVID-19 testing.   

Research Highlights

  1.  One Step, Dia.Pro, Elecsys and COV2T achieved the best diagnostic performance results 

  1.  All the immuneassays evaluated showed a specificity of 100% and sensitivities over 97% from 14 days after onset of the symptoms 

Impact for COVID-19 research:  

The data shown in this study do not alter our view of the disease but it might be useful to decide which type of test is the best candidate and which are their limitations 


  • Study Type: Restrospective study 

  • Important cell lines/viral models used: 80 serum samples from patients with positive PCR for SARS-CoV-2 

  • Key Techniques: Immunoassays used: Three LFAs ( Alltest, One Step and SeroFlash), one ELISA (Dia.Pro) and two CLIAs (Elecsys and COV2T)  


  • This study was conducted in a single institution. It would be good to count with the participation of other institution to reinforce their findings and increase the number of participants. 

  • They only considered 6 different type of test. Although the number of test available is high it would be worth it to considered more tests to compare with. 

  • The participants were positive for COVID-19 and confirmed by PCR, all of them symptomatic. It might be something to considered to test those asymptomatic too or a follow up test.