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Apply to the HIDI Internal Fund to support pump priming immunology research

The HIDI internal fund will support projects that meet the remit and scope of this Initiative. There will be two funding calls throughout the year, aiming to support a range of projects from across the University. We expect to support approximately 10 projects per year. The Management Committee, comprising members of the Immunology Network, HIDI Platforms, the NHS and OUI, will be responsible for allocating the funding.

Remit and scope

 Projects will need to demonstrate a fit with one or more of the following HIDI strategic priorities;

  1. Excellent, novel human immunology research
  2. Cross-technology, cross-Platform research
  3. Research for patient benefit

Applications should aim to demonstrate the advantages that the use of HIDI Platforms will provide with particular emphasis on how access to immunological assays and expertise will advance the project. Project proposals must include at least one of the core Platforms (Genomics, Immune Phenotyping, Imaging, Proteomics). Projects can aim to generate preliminary data or build on existing research. Projects should be no longer than 12 months duration. A potential translational outcome would be particularly welcome.        

There are two types of award available;

  1. Small awards- requests must not exceed £15,000
  2. Main awards- requests must not exceed £50,000


Please liaise with the Platform staff who will be able to advise on costings for your project. Staff and equipment costs are not eligible. For main awards, applications will need to demonstrate a clear case for how HIDI support will provide significant insight to a research question, and should utilise multiple Platforms. Match funding is especially encouraged. Projects are expected to be between 6 and 12 months in duration. This will allow rapid assessment of the benefit of HIDI to aid future sustainability approaches.


Researchers at all levels within the University of Oxford are eligible to apply. Applicants must normally be employed by the University and hold a contract extending to at least the end date of their proposed project. Those with limited access to immunological expertise will be particularly welcome.

How to apply

Applications can be made through IRAMS, and the next call will be in December 2020. Please complete the application form including a two-page summary of the research proposed under the headings in the case-for-support template provided. Please submit this as a single PDF to include all required elements.

An application form can be downloaded here.

Previously funded projects can be viewed here.


Upcoming events

HIDI Day 2019

Monday 21 October 2-5

NDMRB Seminar Room

Past events

HIDI Day, 12.30-18.00, Monday 1st October, 2018

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