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With the support of the NIHR Oxford BRC, the University of Oxford Immunology Network has driven the development of HIDI, an initiative that aims to improve accessibility to immunological assays and expertise for all researchers across the University (and beyond). HIDI will act as a gateway to immunological resources by sponsoring 4 Discovery Platforms within the Medical Sciences Division. These Platforms are led by experienced researchers and include;

  • Deep immune phenotyping
  • Immune pathology
  • Genomics and metagenomics
  • Proteomics

Close links with OUH and OUI will allow the identification and rapid translation of research for patient benefit, if desired.

In addition, HIDI can financially support projects that meet the remit and scope of the Initiative. There will be two funding calls throughout the year, aiming to support a range of projects from across the University. Projects that flow through HIDI will vary in the number and type of assays utilised and the scientific background, including but not limited to oncology, infection, neuroscience, metabolism, and others. 


HIDI pipeline

Past events

HIDI Day, 12.30-18.00, Monday 1st October, 2018

Find out more about the day here.