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Genomics and Metagenomics

Core Expertise

tSNE plot

Investigate transcriptomic variation between cells, analyse rare or transient cell types and identify new types of immune cell.

image of Calli Dendrou

We have dedicated support and expertise in

  • bulk and single cell RNAseq
  • TCR and BCR sequencing
  • data analysis

Please contact Calli Dendrou at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics or Neil Ashley at the Single Cell Facility, Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine for more information.




Additional expertise

Oxford Viromics Pipeline

A pipeline for sequencing and studying clinically relevant viral pathogens. Please contact David Bonsall at the WCHG for more details


James McCullagh (Department of Chemistry) is interested in the development and application of metabolomics to understand changes in metabolism in disease processes in particular for biomarker discovery, elucidating therapeutic targets and identifying the metabolic impact of genetic mutations. He runs a centre for metabolomics by mass spectrometry and welcomes collaborative research proposals. Please contact James for more information and visit his website.

Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies

Located within the Kennedy Institute, the Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS) seeks to accelerate research to unravel how microbes underpin health and disease, from ageing and mental health to inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and cancer. For more information, contact the centre.