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Start the New Year hearing from leading researchers working at the forefront of microbiome research.


To coincide with the launch of a large microbiome initiative at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology this symposium will consider the role of the microbiome in health and disease. Hear from world-leading experts in this exciting area with confirmed speakers including:

  • keynote speaker: Cynthia Sears (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)
  • Dirk Haller (Technical University of Munich)
  • Mahesh Desai (Luxembourg Institute of Health)
  • Fiona Powrie (KIR, Oxford)
  • Jamie Lorimer (OUCE, Oxford)
  • Kevin Foster (Zoology, Oxford)

Talks will begin at 9.30am, with registration open from 9am. A networking drinks reception will follow in the evening.

Post-docs and students are encouraged to submit abstracts for the poster session with the possibility of selection for a short talk. Please email a 200 word abstract to before 1st December, 2017.

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