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César López-Camacho

PhD, MRes, BSc

RNA Technology Programme Leader

  • mRNA-based vaccine development.
  • Viral-vectored vaccine research.
  • Vaccine development for arthropod-borne pathogens.

Genetic design of a mRNA vaccine platform utilising molecular cloning, in-silico gene design and optimisation of gene expression with high induction of adaptive immune response in pre-clinical models.



Dr. César López-Camacho completed his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He has since accumulated a robust postdoctoral experience in molecular biology, gene expression fidelity, and vaccinology through prestigious positions at UMASS Medical School (USA), University of Vermont College of Medicine (USA), and the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford.

Current Role:

As a Group Leader and Jenner Investigator at the Jenner Institute, Dr. López-Camacho is pioneering the in-house development of an mRNA vaccine-based platform. His innovative work uses novel Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) for encapsulation and development of new generation of mRNA-based vaccines, supported by funding from a JFF grant and a NIHR Capital Fund. Based on these achievements his group is constructing a mRNA core facility in order to make mRNA technologies, in the pre-clinical setting, available to internal and external researchers.  

His group is also at the forefront of vaccine development against viruses transmitted by ticks, and mosquitos as well as tick antigens, comprising two postdoctoral scientists and two DPhil students.

 Contributions During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. López-Camacho focused on designing and producing SARS-CoV-2 antigens for use in diagnostics, research, and exploration of immune responses in COVID-19 convalescent individuals. His involvement extended to the COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database for the UK Parliament, the National COVID Testing Scientific Advisory Panel, and the College of Experts to Support the Global Effort on COVID-19 (GECO), reviewing grant applications. His exceptional contributions were recognized with the prestigious "Ohtli Award" from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mexico, in 2021. 

Research Focus Pre-COVID:

Before the pandemic, Dr. López-Camacho's research was dedicated to understanding the immunopathogenesis of the Dengue virus and developing vaccines against arboviruses like Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Mayaro viruses. His extensive publication record spans topics from arboviral to parasitic (malaria and Chagas disease) and Papillomavirus vaccine development.

 Intellectual Property:

Dr. López-Camacho is an active inventor and collaborator on several vaccine-related patents, reflecting his significant contributions to the field of vaccinology.