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hands up inclusivity

About Us

 We are a team of research nurses and practitioners supporting Prof  Alison Simmons — MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine ( We understand the human body is a complex and interrelated system and we therefore seek  to provide a more holistic approach to the research activities we provide. 

The team focuses equally on the s of the participants as well as those of researchers ensuring that our volunteers have a positive experience and re-engage in research. Collaborative work is at the core of our practise and we support cross working for the best use of our resources.

Our experienced nurses have a complex skill mix, and have conducted from early. phase clinical trials to large observational cohort, and multi site academic studies.. We have been amongst the top recruiters for NIHR portfolio studies for the past 5 years. Furthermore, our team was the driving force behind creating one of the most comprehensive tissue and data collection for the upper GI in Oxford, in collaboration with Prof Xin Lu and Prof Simons Leedham.

We support every opportunity for career progression, therefore some of them study towards Masters or PhD degrees. Nursing research is a major priority alongside the support of the academic studies undertaken, future nursing projects aiming to improve patient experience and enhance care pathways are in development. The success of our team is reflected in various awards received and publications.


Our core values

Our team care passionately about doing work that helps others. We came together as a group to share, discuss and agree on the culture we would like to foster, the standards that are important to us and the principles that should underpin our work. The results, which can be found in our list of publications, were personal and pertinent, embodying the shared beliefs of the ORNIID team.