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Centre for Human Genetics Protein profiling resources

The Centre for Human Genetics Technology Platforms is committed to expanding its portfolio of supported technologies for biomarkers discovery. To this end, they have been the first in UK to implement and offer the newest version of the Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology by Olink. With Explore, a high-throughput protein profiling, PEA is coupled with NGS to vastly increase the number of detectable proteins from small volumes of samples.

They offer support from study design to delivery of high quality data in the form of normalized protein counts for any combination of panels available from Olink including the latest Explore HT to simultaneously interrogate more than 5300 targets.

They also support all “Olink Target” products run on the Signature Q100 for mid-plex experiments. 


Advanced Proteomics Facility

The Advanced Proteomics Facility provides access to the latest proteomics tools, specifically cutting edge mass spectrometry. It is available to researchers in the South Parks Road science area and to external commercial users.

They have experience in protein identification, quantitative mass spectrometry (SILAC, label-free, dimethyl labelling, TMT) and characterisation methods for a range of post-translational modifications.

The facility is equipped with a wide range of mass spectrometry instrumentation, sample preparation technologies and data analysis software.

TDI MS Laboratory and Discovery Proteomics Facility

The TDI MS Laboratory and Discovery Proteomics Facility has established workflows for "shot-gun" deep proteomics by mass spectrometry. In addition, they have particular expertise in the following specialties:


Metabolomics & Lipidomics

Clinical Proteomics

PTM Proteomics - coming soon