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Informal talks are given by students or postdocs in the field of immunology.

September 3rd, 2020 talks:

Dr. Nick Provine: 'MAIT cell activation augments adenovirus vector vaccine immunogenicity’

Dr. Emma Mead: 'Targeting Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease’


November 5th, 2020 talks:

Dr. Margarida Rei: 'Enhancing tumour-specific T cell specific responses against glioblastoma'

Dr. Dominik Aschenbrenner: 'Deconvolution of monocyte responses in inflammatory bowel disease reveals an IL-1 cytokine network that regulates IL-23 in genetic and acquired IL-10 resistance'


January 21st, 2021 talks:

Ms Lu Li Jovanoska (Dunn School): Innate and adaptive immune modulation by oxidative stress post-translational modifications

Dr. Melanie Dunstan (WTCHG/TGU): Single Cell Profiling of Blood and Gut Cells in Patients with Coeliac Disease and Coeliac Disease + Type 1 Diabetes