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Dr Katrina Pollock

Dr Katrina Pollock

Katrina Pollock


MRC Clinician Scientist in Vaccinology

  • Chief investigator for the Lymph nodE single-cell Genomics AnCestrY and ageing (LEGACY) Network
  • Chief and principal investigator for experimental medicine and first-in-human vaccine studies
  • Honorary consultant in sexual health.

Human tissue based vaccine immunology.


Dr Katrina Pollock is an MRC Clinician Scientist in Vaccinology at the Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Vaccinology at the Department of Infectious Disease, Imperial College London, and Honorary Consultant in Sexual Health. She read medicine as an undergraduate at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London before completing specialty training as a clinician scientist in genitourinary and HIV medicine, with a PhD and lectureship in immunology. Having led a series of first-in-human trials of novel vaccines including COVID-19 at Imperial College London, she received an award for substantial and exceptional achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her work seeks to define tissue-based mechanisms of vaccine immunogenicity in diverse populations to leverage this for novel vaccine design. She is passionate about involving the public and participants at all stages, to lead innovative research that changes lives for the better.