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Genetic Background Modifies Phenotypic Severity and Longevity in a Mouse Model of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C1

Journal article

PLATT F. and HUEBECKER M., (2020), Disease Models and Mechanisms

Matrix-targeting immunotherapy controls tumor growth and spread by switching macrophage phenotype

Journal article

MIDWOOD KIM., (2020), Cancer Immunology Research

Controlled Human Infection Models - Is it Really Feasible to Give People Tuberculosis?

Journal article

McShane H., (2020), Am J Respir Crit Care Med

cGAMP loading enhances the immunogenicity of VLP vaccines

Journal article

Chauveau L. et al, (2020)

Cytoskeletal tension actively sustains the migratory T-cell synaptic contact.

Journal article

Kumari S. et al, (2020), The EMBO journal

Design of a basigin-mimicking inhibitor targeting the malaria invasion protein RH5.

Journal article

Warszawski S. et al, (2020), Proteins, 88, 187 - 195

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