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Iron dysregulation and inflammatory stress erythropoiesis associates with long-term outcome of COVID-19.

Journal article

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Cellular iron governs the host response to malaria.

Journal article

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Cellular iron governs the host response to malaria


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Plasma iron controls neutrophil production and function.

Journal article

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Evaluation of perturbed iron-homeostasis in a prospective cohort of patients with COVID-19.

Journal article

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Temporal variation of planetary iron as a driver of evolution.

Journal article

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Metabolic requirements of NK cells during the acute response against retroviral infection

Journal article

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TB or not TB? Soft pity opens the iron gates

Journal article

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Vaccine efficacy and iron deficiency: an intertwined pair?

Journal article

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Analysis of Iron and Iron-Interacting Protein Dynamics During T-Cell Activation

Journal article

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Inclusion of cGAMP within virus-like particle vaccines enhances their immunogenicity.

Journal article

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Hepcidin-Mediated Hypoferremia Disrupts Immune Responses to Vaccination and Infection.

Journal article

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Adaptive immunity and vaccination – iron in the spotlight

Journal article

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