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A Highly Fluorescent Dinuclear Aluminium Complex with Near-Unity Quantum Yield.

Journal article

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Long-term STED imaging of membrane packing and dynamics by exchangeable polarity-sensitive dyes

Journal article

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Protein induced lipid demixing in homogeneous membranes

Journal article

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Super-resolution RESOLFT microscopy of lipid bilayers using a fluorophore-switch dyad

Journal article

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Background Reduction in STED-FCS Using a Bivortex Phase Mask

Journal article

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Comparison of Multiscale Imaging Methods for Brain Research.

Journal article

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z-STED Imaging and Spectroscopy to Investigate Nanoscale Membrane Structure and Dynamics

Journal article

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High photon count rates improve the quality of super-resolution fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy

Journal article

Schneider F. et al, (2020), Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 53

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