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Structure-preserving visualisation of high dimensional single-cell datasets

Journal article

Drozdov I. et al, (2019), Scientific Reports

The aorta can act as site of naïve CD4+ T cell priming

Journal article

MacRitchie N. et al, (2019), Cardiovascular Research

Toll-like receptor 3 is a therapeutic target for Pulmonary Hypertension

Journal article

Farkas D. et al, (2018), American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine


Conference paper

Cole JE. et al, (2018), CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH, 114, S3 - S3

Activation of the Immune-Metabolic Receptor GPR84 Enhances Inflammation and Phagocytosis in Macrophages

Journal article

Recio C. et al, (2018), FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, 9

Interplay between hypercholesterolaemia and inflammation in atherosclerosis: Translating experimental targets into clinical practice.

Journal article

Tuñón J. et al, (2018), European journal of preventive cardiology, 2047487318773384 - 2047487318773384

Receptor structure-based discovery of non-metabolite agonists for the succinate receptor GPR91.

Journal article

Trauelsen M. et al, (2017), Molecular metabolism, 6, 1585 - 1596

The Role of Metabolite-sensing G Protein-Coupled Receptors in inflammation and metabolic disease.

Journal article

Recio C. et al, (2017), Antioxidants & redox signaling

Functional diversity of macrophages in vascular biology and disease

Journal article

Monaco C. et al, (2017), Vascular Pharmacology

Dominant suppression of inflammation via targeted mutation of the mRNA destabilizing protein tristetraprolin

Journal article

Ross EA. et al, (2017), Journal of Immunology, 195, 265 - 276

Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 Controls Necrotic Core Formation in Atherosclerotic Lesions by Impairing Efferocytosis.

Journal article

Seneviratne AN. et al, (2017), Circulation, 136, 1140 - 1154

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