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Distinct fibroblast subsets drive inflammation and damage in arthritis.

Journal article

Croft AP. et al, (2019), Nature

The Short Chain Fatty Acid Butyrate Imprints an Antimicrobial Program in Macrophages

Journal article

Schulthess J. et al, (2019), Immunity

Alpha kinase 1 controls intestinal inflammation by suppressing the IL-12/Th1 axis

Journal article

RYZHAKOV G. et al, (2018), Nature Communications

A critical epithelial survival axis regulated by MCL-1 maintains thymic function

Conference paper

Jain R. et al, (2018), JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 200

Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 Controls Necrotic Core Formation in Atherosclerotic Lesions by Impairing Efferocytosis.

Journal article

Seneviratne AN. et al, (2017), Circulation, 136, 1140 - 1154

Dynamic spatio-temporal contribution of single β5t+ cortical epithelial precursors to the thymus medulla.

Journal article

Mayer CE. et al, (2016), Eur J Immunol, 46, 846 - 856

Low shear stress induces M1 macrophage polarization in murine thin-cap atherosclerotic plaques.

Journal article

Seneviratne AN. et al, (2015), J Mol Cell Cardiol, 89, 168 - 172

CGAT: computational genomics analysis toolkit.

Journal article

Sims D. et al, (2014), Bioinformatics, 30, 1290 - 1291

The long non-coding RNA Paupar regulates the expression of both local and distal genes.

Journal article

Vance KW. et al, (2014), EMBO J, 33, 296 - 311

Chromatin regulation by BAF170 controls cerebral cortical size and thickness.

Journal article

Tuoc TC. et al, (2013), Dev Cell, 25, 256 - 269

Ezh2, the histone methyltransferase of PRC2, regulates the balance between self-renewal and differentiation in the cerebral cortex.

Journal article

Pereira JD. et al, (2010), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107, 15957 - 15962

Gradients in the brain: the control of the development of form and function in the cerebral cortex.

Journal article

Sansom SN. and Livesey FJ., (2009), Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol, 1

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