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Assessment of patient-physician interactions in Psoriatic Arthritis: national results of the ASSIST Study

Journal article

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Stunting in the first year of life: Pathway analysis of a birth cohort

Journal article

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Tau depletion in human neurons mitigates Aβ-driven toxicity.

Journal article

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Catalyzing change: Implementing standardised reporting in monogenic inflammatory bowel disease research.

Journal article

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Structural and mechanistic characterization of bifunctional heparan sulfate N-deacetylase-N-sulfotransferase 1

Journal article

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Ultrahigh frequencies of peripherally matured LGI1- and CASPR2-reactive B cells characterize the cerebrospinal fluid in autoimmune encephalitis

Journal article

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Biomarkers of mortality in adults and adolescents with advanced HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article

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Dual stressors of infection and warming can destabilize host microbiomes

Journal article

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