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Visualizing mesoderm and neural crest cell dynamics during chick head morphogenesis

Journal article

BAKER R. et al, (2020), Developmental Biology

Evidence of pathogen-induced immunogenetic selection across the large geographic range of a wild seabird

Journal article

SMITH A. et al, (2020), Molecular Biology and Evolution

Mapping malaria seasonality in Madagascar using health facility data.

Journal article

Nguyen M. et al, (2020), BMC Med, 18

Genomic and epidemiological surveillance of Zika virus in the Amazon region

Journal article

PYBUS O. et al, (2020), Cell Reports

Meningococcal B Vaccine and Meningococcal Carriage in Adolescents in Australia.

Journal article

Marshall HS. et al, (2020), N Engl J Med, 382, 318 - 327

Molecular flexibility of DNA as a key determinant of RAD51 recruitment

Journal article

BROWN TOM. et al, (2020), The EMBO Journal

Modelling perspectives on the intestinal crypt, a canonical system for growth, mechanics and remodelling

Journal article

BYRNE H. et al, (2020), Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering

Cytoskeletal tension actively sustains the migratory T-cell synaptic contact.

Journal article

Kumari S. et al, (2020), The EMBO journal

Identification of antigens presented by MHC for vaccines against tuberculosis.

Journal article

Bettencourt P. et al, (2020), NPJ Vaccines, 5

Investigating the Use of Wearables for Monitoring Circadian Rhythms: A Feasibility Study

Conference paper

Castaldo R. et al, (2020), IFMBE Proceedings, 74, 275 - 280

Oropouche virus cases identified in Ecuador using an optimised qRT-PCR informed by metagenomic sequencing.

Journal article

Wise EL. et al, (2020), PLoS Negl Trop Dis, 14, e0007897 - e0007897

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