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MAIT cells in liver inflammation and fibrosis.

Journal article

Mehta H. et al, (2022), Semin Immunopathol

SpySwitch enables pH- or heat-responsive capture and release for plug-and-display nanoassembly

Journal article

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Spatiotemporal Behavior of T cells in Vaccination.

Journal article

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Morphogen Signals Shaping the Gastric Glands in Health and Disease

Journal article

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A blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity

Journal article

Ahern DJ. et al, (2022), Cell, 185, 916 - 938.e58

Durability of ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccination in people living with HIV.

Journal article

Ogbe A. et al, (2022), JCI Insight

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