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Structure and assembly of cargo Rubisco in two native α-carboxysomes.

Journal article

Ni T. et al, (2022), Nat Commun, 13

Structural Analysis and Development of Notum Fragment Screening Hits.

Journal article

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IceBreaker: Software for high-resolution single-particle cryo-EM with non-uniform ice

Journal article

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COVID-19 therapeutics: challenges and directions for the future

Journal article

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IgM seroneutralisation for improved confirmation of Japanese encephalitis virus infection in a flavivirus endemic area

Journal article

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Biomarkers of response to PD-1 pathway blockade

Journal article

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Antiviral effects of deoxynojirimycin (DNJ)-based iminosugars in dengue virus-infected primary dendritic cells

Journal article

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Host-targeting oral antiviral drugs to prevent pandemics

Journal article

Dwek RA. et al, (2022), The Lancet

The spike-ACE2 interaction underlying SARS-CoV-2 infection and inhibition is enhanced by intermolecular cross linking

Conference paper

Asor R. et al, (2022), BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 121, 333A - 333A

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