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FACS provisions and other cytometry resources available across the MSD

JR Hospital site

THE WIMM Flow Cytometry Facility has state of the art instrumentation for cell analysis and sorting. There are 8 analysers and 5 sorters that are available to external users.

The Experimental Medicine Division Flow Cytometry Facility is based in Room 5605, Level 5, John Radcliffe Hospital and offers a high-quality flow cytometry service to a variety of users. The Facility comprises BD SORP LSRII & BD LSRFortessa analysers, a Cytek Aurora spectral cytometer, plus a BD FACSAriaIII cell sorter.

Old Road Campus

The Old Road Campus site has flow facilities based in the KIR, the Jenner Institute, the NDMRB, the Department of Oncology and the Centre for Human Genetics.

South Parks Road

The Dunn School Flow Cytometry Facility is equipped with 4 analysers, 2 sorters and an Amnis Imagestream (imaging flow cytometer). External users are welcome.

The Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research run a Shared Cytometry Facility which includes a zellscanner and other cytometers.


CyTOF facilities and training can be found at the WIMM and the Botnar Research Centre 

Oxford Cytometry Club

The Oxford Cytometry Club is an Oxford based club dedicated to promoting and encouraging all aspects of cytometry, in and around the Oxfordshire area. Their main aim is to facilitate informal discussion of developments in cytometry research and any associated technologies.