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We understand the human body is a complex and interrelated system and we therefore seek collaboration to provide a more holistic approach to the Research we provide. 

The team focuses equally on the needs of the participants as well as those of researchers ensuring that our volunteers have a positive experience and re-engage in research. Collaborative work is at the core of our practise and we support cross working for the best use of our resources.

Our experienced nurses have a wide skill mix and are given the opportunity for career progression, therefore some of them study towards Masters or PhD degrees. Nursing research is a major priority alongside the support of the academic studies undertaken, future nursing projects aiming to improve patient experience and enhance care pathways are in development. The success of our team is reflected in various awards received and publications. Our nurses have a tracked record as top recruiters in multi-site national randomised controlled trials and clinical studies.

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Latest publications

Fourie S, Jackson D, Aveyard H. Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A review of qualitative research studies. Int J Nurs Stud [Internet]. 2018 Nov;87:149–56. Available here 

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Mawhinney, G. Thakar, C. Rothenfluh, D. Williams, V. Reynolds. J. (2019) Oxford Informed Video Consent Tool (OxVIC™): A pilot study of informed video consent in spinal surgery and preoperative patient satisfaction. BMJ Open (in press)

Participant engagement

feedbackAt ORNIID the participant is at the centre of our holistic approach to research, we therefore believe it is vital to talk and get as much feedback as possible. As such, in May 2018 we held an engagement event at Horton General Hospital in Banbury where the aim was to engage patients, friends or carers with gastroenterology conditions to allow them to find out what research projects are currently run by our department, hear why it is important that they get involved, and how they can do so.

For more information please feel free to contact us at or 01865 231461.