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The RTS,S/AS01 vaccine provides partial protection against Plasmodium falciparum infection but determinants of protection and/or disease are unclear. Previously, anti-circumsporozoite protein (CSP) antibody titers and blood RNA signatures were associated with RTS,S/AS01 efficacy against controlled human malaria infection (CHMI). By analyzing host blood transcriptomes from five RTS,S vaccination CHMI studies, we demonstrate that the transcript ratio MX2/GPR183, measured 1 day after third immunization, discriminates protected from non-protected individuals. This ratiometric signature provides information that is complementary to anti-CSP titer levels for identifying RTS,S/AS01 immunized people who developed protective immunity and suggests a role for interferon and oxysterol signaling in the RTS,S mode of action.

Original publication




Journal article


Front Immunol

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clinical immunology, human challenge, interferon response, malaria vaccines, systems vaccinology, vaccine correlates