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AIM: To access the frequency and level of apoptotic CD34+ cells isolated from the marrow fluid of patients with post-hepatitis cirrhosis. METHODS: The frequency of bone marrow CD34+ cells and apoptotic bone marrow CD34+ cells in 31 in-patients with post-hepatitis cirrhosis (cirrhosis group), and 15 out-patients without liver or blood disorders (control group) was calculated by flow cytometry. Parameters were collected to evaluate liver functions of patients in cirrhosis group. RESULTS: The percentage of normal bone marrow CD34+ cells was 6.30% ± 2.48% and 1.87% ± 0.53% (t = 3.906, P < 0.01) while that of apoptotic marrow CD34+ cells was 15.00% ± 15.81% and 5.73% ± 1.57% (t = 2.367, P < 0.05) in cirrhosis and control groups, respectively. The percentage of apoptotic marrow CD34+ cells was 6.25% ± 3.30% and 20.92 ± 18.5% (t = 2.409, P < 0.05) in Child-Pugh A and Child-Pugh B + C cirrhotic patients, respectively. The percentage of late apoptotic marrow CD34+ cells was positively correlated with the total bilirubin and aspartate aminotransferase serum levels in patients with cirrhosis. CONCLUSION: The status of CD34+ marrow cells in cirrhotic patients may suggest that the ability of hematopoietic progenitor cells to transform into mature blood cells is impaired.

Original publication




Journal article


World J Gastroenterol

Publication Date





2044 - 2048


Apoptosis, CD34, Cirrhosis, Hematopoietic stem cells/Hematopoietic progenitor cells, Adult, Antigens, CD34, Apoptosis, Bilirubin, Bone Marrow Cells, Female, Hepatitis, Chronic, Humans, Liver Cirrhosis, Male, Middle Aged, Transaminases