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The 18th Congress of the Polish Biophysical Society took place at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2022. In total, 111 attendees (Attendance Profile: 107 in-person, 4 remote; Italy 1, Lithuania 1, Poland 104, United Kingdom 1, United States 4) participated in the event. The authors of lectures and posters at the Congress were invited to prepare their presentations in the form of articles in this special issue of the European Biophysics Journal. The 11 articles published in this special issue present a limited sampling of the subjects of the conference presentations. Nevertheless, they showcase excellence in Polish biophysics across a wide range of topics, using both theoretical and experimental approaches: mechanisms of receptor-ligand interactions, medical applications of proteins and nucleic acids, non-linear dynamics/molecular dynamics of protein systems, hydrodynamics and biosensing. We hope to improve on the representation of the international Polish biophysical community after the next Congress in 2025.

Original publication




Journal article


Eur Biophys J

Publication Date





483 - 486


Humans, Poland, Italy, Biophysics