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CD8(+) T cell clones secrete soluble factor(s), generally referred to as T cell-derived anti-viral factors (CAFs) that inhibit HIV replication in vitro. The CAF-like activity of some of the clones we are studying is inducible by anti-CD8 antibody. The CD8 antibody-inducibility of one such clone, clone 32, has allowed us to focus, in principle, on CAF-encoding genes using the serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) method. Using this approach, a complex pattern of transcriptional changes was found to accompany antibody treatment, with skewed expression of certain effector molecules. Our transcriptome-based approach provides the first overview of the transcriptional properties of a CD8(+) T cell with CAF-like activity, and places new constraints on strategies for identifying CAF-like factors.


Conference paper

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131 - 135