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In preparation for mass vaccinations with R21/Matrix-M™ combined with mass administrations of dihydroartemisinin, piperaquine, and a single low dose primaquine we assessed the tolerability, safety, and potential interactions of this combination affecting immunogenicity or pharmacokinetics. 120 healthy Thai volunteers were randomised to receive either antimalarials combined with vaccinations (n = 50), vaccinations alone (n = 50), or antimalarials only (n = 20). Three rounds of vaccines and antimalarials were administered one month apart. The vaccine was well tolerated alone and in combination with the antimalarials. None of the participants failed completion of the 3-dose vaccine course. There was no significant difference in the vaccine immunogenicity or in the pharmacokinetics of piperaquine given individually or in combination. This study supports proceeding to a large trial of mass vaccinations with R21/Matrix-M™ combined with mass antimalarial administration in Bangladesh.

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NPJ Vaccines

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