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New tools are required to expedite the development of an effective vaccine against the blood-stage infection with the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. This work describes the assessment of the ADRB assay in a mouse model, characterizing the functional interaction between antimalarial serum antibodies and FcRs upon neutrophils. We describe a reproducible, antigen-specific assay, dependent on functional FcR signaling, and show that ADRB activity is induced equally by IgG1 and IgG2a isotypes and is modulated by blocking FcR function. However, following immunization of mice with the blood-stage vaccine candidate antigen MSP142, no measurable ADRB activity was induced against PEMS and neither was vaccine efficacy modulated against Plasmodium yoelii blood-stage challenge in γ(-/-) mice compared with WT mice. In contrast, following a primary, nonlethal P. yoelii parasite challenge, serum from vaccinated mice and nonimmunized controls showed anti-PEMS ADRB activity. Upon secondary challenge, nonimmunized γ(-/-) mice showed a reduced ability to control blood-stage parasitemia compared with immunized γ(-/-) mice; however, WT mice, depleted of their neutrophils, did not lose their ability to control infection. Thus, whereas neutrophil-induced ADRB against PEMS does not appear to play a role in protection against P. yoelii rodent malaria, induction of ADRB activity after challenge suggests that antigen targets of anti-PEMS ADRB activity remain to be established, as well as further supporting the observation that ADRB activity to P. falciparum arises following repeated natural exposure.

Original publication




Journal article


J Leukoc Biol

Publication Date





369 - 382


Fc receptor, MSP1, ROS, assay, malaria, merozoite, neutrophil, vaccine, Animals, Antibodies, Protozoan, Antigens, Protozoan, Female, Humans, Immunoassay, Immunoglobulin G, Malaria, Mice, Neutrophils, Parasites, Plasmodium yoelii, Receptors, Immunologic, Respiratory Burst, Signal Transduction, Treatment Outcome