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A replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus expressing Ag85A (ChAdOx1.85A) was assessed, both alone and in combination with modified vaccinia Ankara also expressing Ag85A (MVA85A), for its immunogenicity and protective efficacy against a Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) challenge in mice. Naïve and BCG-primed mice were vaccinated or boosted with ChAdOx1.85A and MVA85A in different combinations. Although intranasally administered ChAdOx1.85A induced strong immune responses in the lungs, it failed to consistently protect against aerosol M.tb challenge. In contrast, ChAdOx1.85A followed by MVA85A administered either mucosally or systemically, induced strong immune responses and was able to improve the protective efficacy of BCG. This vaccination regime has consistently shown superior protection over BCG alone and should be evaluated further.

Original publication




Journal article



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6800 - 6808


BCG, Immunogenicity, Intranasal, Protection, Tuberculosis, Vaccine, Viral vector, Acyltransferases, Adenoviruses, Simian, Animals, Antigens, Bacterial, Disease Models, Animal, Drug Carriers, Female, Genetic Vectors, Immunization Schedule, Mice, Inbred BALB C, Treatment Outcome, Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis Vaccines, Vaccines, Attenuated, Vaccines, Synthetic, Vaccinia virus