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The international Inflammatory Bowel Disease [IBD] Expert Alliance initiative [2012-2015] served as a platform to define and support areas of best practice in IBD management to help improve outcomes for all patients with IBD.During the programme, IBD specialists from around the world established by consensus two best practice charters: the 5S Principles and the 5C Concept.The 5S Principles were conceived to provide health care providers with key guidance for improving clinical practice based on best management approaches. They comprise the following categories: Stage the disease; Stratify patients; Set treatment goals; Select appropriate treatment; and Supervise therapy. Optimised management of patients with IBD based on the 5S Principles can be achieved most effectively within an optimised clinical care environment. Guidance on optimising the clinical care setting in IBD management is provided through the 5C Concept, which encompasses: Comprehensive IBD care; Collaboration; Communication; Clinical nurse specialists; and Care pathways. Together, the 5C Concept and 5S Principles provide structured recommendations on organising the clinical care setting and developing best-practice approaches in IBD management.Consideration and application of these two dimensions could help health care providers optimise their IBD centres and collaborate more effectively with their multidisciplinary team colleagues and patients, to provide improved IBD care in daily clinical practice. Ultimately, this could lead to improved outcomes for patients with IBD.

Original publication




Journal article


Journal of Crohn's & colitis

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1302 - 1308


Center for Advanced IBD Research and Treatment, Kitasato Institute Hospital, Kitasato University, Tokyo, Japan.