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The complete genome of goose picornavirus 1 (GPV-1) strain goose/NLSZK2/HUN/2013 (MF358731) was determined by RT-PCR and next-generation sequencing from a cloacal sample of a migratory waterfowl, greater white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons) in Hungary. The genome of GPV-1 shows an L-3-3-4 organization pattern with a 5'-terminal origin of replication (ORI) region, a type-IV IRES, and an Hbox/NC-type 2A protein. This virus showed the highest overall sequence identity to the members of the genus Kobuvirus, although the phylogenetic position of GPV-1 is different in the analyzed P1, 2C and 3CD phylogenetic trees, which further increases the diversity of known avian picornaviruses.

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Arch Virol

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