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Three orbiviruses of the Kemerovo serogroup, isolated from ticks from two sites on the Isle of May in Scotland, were plaque purified and the proteins and RNA induced in Vero cells compared. Two viruses (Mill Door/79 and Mill Door/81) from the same site differed in the migration of at least 7 segments of dsRNA. The third virus (North Clett/81) was clearly distinguished from Mill Door/79 and Mill Door/81 viruses in the migration of 6 dsRNA segments. Analysis of virus-induced polypeptides demonstrated minor molecular weight differences, but partial proteolysis failed to show significant variations in the proteins. Precipitation of radiolabelled virus-induced proteins by hyperimmune ascitic fluids did not distinguish between the isolates.


Journal article


Acta Virol

Publication Date





19 - 24


Animals, Birds, Peptides, RNA, Viral, Reoviridae, Scotland, Serotyping, Species Specificity, Ticks, Viral Plaque Assay, Viral Proteins