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Great strides have been achieved in the development of quality-of-care measures and standards for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) over the last decade. The central structural component of care in IBD revolves around the multidisciplinary team, which should be equipped with the necessary resources to operate and implement decisions. Process measures have been defined by interest groups and can be adapted into process tools for the delivery of care for various patient subgroups and clinical scenarios. The emerging treat-to-target approach to IBD management may be used to achieve optimal long-term and holistic patient-centred outcomes, such as survival, control of inflammation and disease progression, symptomatic remission, quality of life and complications. Other important quality-of-care outcome measures for IBD include disutility of care, healthcare utilization and other patient-reported outcomes such as nutritional status and impact of fistulae. The current challenge for healthcare providers and health systems is the integration of quality-of-care structures and processes into clinical practice, and the consistent delivery of updated evidence-based quality IBD care to various patient populations by individual health care providers. Finally, the awareness and appreciation for quality of care in IBD is increasing in Asia, and Asian healthcare institutions should be encouraged to take the lead in improving the quality of care in IBD.

Original publication




Journal article


Intest Res

Publication Date





45 - 53


Health system, Inflammatory bowel disease, Quality of care, Treat to target