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Adrian Smith

Associate Professor of Zoology - Infectious Disease Biology

Geoffrey L Smith


Sarah Snelling

Associate Professor

Rinn Song

Clinical Scientist

David Stuart

Professor of Structural Biology

Francis Szele

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

Rachel Tanner

Associate Professor of One Health

Nicola Ternette

Senior Scientist

Emily Thornton

Junior Group Leader

Guy Thwaites

Professor of Infectious Diseases

John Todd

Group Head / PI and Fellow

Alain Townsend

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Immunology

Simon Travis

Professor of Clinical Gastroenterology

Irina Udalova

Professor of Molecular Immunology

Holm Uhlig

Associate Professor, Group Head / PI

Benoit van den Eynde

Professor of Tumour Immunology and Group Head / PI

Anton van der Merwe

Angela Vincent

Emeritus Professor of Neuroimmunology

Merryn Voysey

Associate Professor of Statistics in Vaccinology

Paresh Vyas

Professor of Haematology

(Ann) Sarah Walker

Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Angus Wann

KTRR/VersusArthritis Research Fellow

George Warimwe

Professor of Vaccinology

Patrick Waters

Associate Professor, Co-Director Autoimmune Neurology Diagnostic Laboratory

Linda Wicker

DIL Co-Director

Richard Williams


Bridget Wills

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Paul Wordsworth

Professor of Rheumatology

Luzheng Xue

Associate Professor

Sophie Yacoub

Research Group Leader

Peijun Zhang

Professor of Structural Biology