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Kerry Fisher

Associate Professor

Christophe Fraser

Professor, Senior Group Leader in Pathogen Dynamics

John Frater

Professor of Infectious Diseases

Marco Fritzsche

Associate Professor (Innovation Investigator Track) and Rosalind Franklin ...

Fiona Powrie FRS

Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences and Director of the Kennedy Institute

Sir Marc Feldmann FRS

Emeritus Professor

Lars Fugger

Professor of Neuroimmunology

Audrey Gérard

Associate Professor

Sarah Gilbert

Professor of Vaccinology

Geraldine Gillespie

Principal Investigator, Group Head / PI and Supervisor

Philip Goulder

Professor of Immunology

Ingrid Granne

Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor

Thibault Griseri

Honorary Departmental Research Lecturer

Mads Gyrd-Hansen

Associate Professor

Tomas Hanke

Professor of Vaccine Immunology

Joanna Hester

Associate Professor

Matt Higgins

Adrian Hill

Director of the Jenner Institute and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, ...

Timothy Hinks

Wellcome Trust Fellow & Honorary Consultant

Ling-Pei Ho

Associate Professor Respiratory Immunology

Georg Holländer

Hoffmann and Action Medical Research Professor of Developmental Medicine

Mark Howarth

Sarosh Irani

Professor of Autoimmune Neurology

Astrid Iversen

Professor of Virology and Immunology

David Jackson

Professor of Human Immunology

Luke Jostins

Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Aris Katzourakis

Professor of Evolution and Genomics

Dominic Kelly

BRC Consultant in Paediatrics and Vaccinology.

Georgina Kerr

Research Facilitator for Immunology

Paul Klenerman

Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology, Chairman of the Peter Medawar ...

Julian Knight

Professor of Genomic Medicine, Honorary Consultant Physician

Hashem Koohy

Associate Professor of Systems Immunology, Member of Congregation

Dominic Kwiatkowski

Professor of Tropical Paediatrics

Teresa Lambe

Professor (OBE)

Petros Ligoxygakis

Xin Lu

Professor of Cancer Biology, Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research ...

Craig MacLean

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Martin Maiden

Professor of Molecular Epidemiology

Kevin Marsh

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Philippa Matthews

Group Head / PI

Tim Maughan

Jane McKeating

Professor of Molecular Virology